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Filtrum / Fast food


  • Eating at public caterings multiplies the risk of food poisoning, when compared to home cooked meals.

  • Food poisoning with fast food is usually, caused by E.coli and staphylococci


Causes of poisoning with fast food:

  • Violation of storage conditions.

    Fast-decaying products should be stored at the temperature from -2 to +4ºC and for no more than 72 hours

  • Wounds on cook’s hands.

    Even a small inflamed wound on cook’s finger may lead to mass poisoning of customers

  • Violation of hygiene rules.

    Maybe you forgot to wash your hands before eating your hamburger?

Poisoning with Fast Food


Filtrum 400 mg
  • Drink water every 10-15 minutes

  • Take 2-3 pills of Filtrum® 3-4 times per day

  • Consult with physician