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Filtrum / Reviews


Yana, Mulino


Good afternoon, I`m gonna tell you about tablets applied against food poisoning.

I bought Filtrum tablets on a business trip to my husband, because he always eats something wrong. He likes having shawarma and pies at the station, so I'm afraid for his health. He used to have nothing at hand, and poisoning is a very unpleasant thing. An upset stomach is often accompanied by nausea, vomit... Learn more



Фильтрум держу дома от похмелья. Любим иногда с мужиками по пятницам пивка навернуть, и если выпью накануне фильтрум, то в субботу похмелья не бывает.



Отравилась просроченной молочкой, чувствовала себя ужасно: была рвота и головокружение и очень сильно мутило. Активированный уголь не помог вообще! Дошла до аптеки и там порекомендовали Фильтрум. Выпив несколько таблеток через какое-то время все симптомы у меня вообще ушли! Теперь всегда держу его у себя дома!



As for me, Filtrum keeps from a hangover. It happens that we go fishing so bad, that dear Mom doesn`t mourn. Thus, the wife always purchase Filtrum, so that I take it with me when going fishing. Drink two tablets before "fishing", two during "fishing" and two after "fishing", and get the result: no hangover the next day.

Olga, Tambov


Filtrum is an excellent medicine. The list of evidences for application is wide enough. I applied even with children. While being in the kindergarten, my daughter contracted a viral infection accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Naturally, all our family fell ill too. We bought Filtrum and took according to the instructions. It did not start helping immediately, but two days later. It was not ... Learn more