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Filtrum / Food poisoning Filtrum®


Probably there is no such person who never came across food poisoning. The danger is especially frequent during travel, because travelers may not always follow the requirements to personal hygiene, which leads to bacterial intoxication. Besides, uncommon and unknown foods, which is often part of recreation in the tropical countries, is one more “chance” for malign microorganisms, which propagate actively in a warm and wet climate. However, whatever causes poisoning – it is always accompanied with painful and unpleasant symptoms and may not only spoil the trip, but also may lead to the more severe complications.


Food poisoning – is a disruption in the work of inner organs due to entering of harmful substances into the gastro-intestinal tract together with food or drinks. After food intake, in which aggressive chemical substances or bacteria are present, toxins gradually get into the blood stream, causing intoxication symptoms.


Food poisoning in most cases develops fast. So, within short time with basic good health the following symptoms come about:

  • Nausea, vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Stomach and/or intestinal pain;
  • General weakness, ill feeling;
  • Headache.

Without treatment the symptoms may get worse. Depending on the type of toxins and their amounts there may be observed disruptions in the functioning of kidneys, central nervous and cardio-vascular systems. Complications of intoxication may be especially severe in children, elderly persons or people recovering from illness.


In most cases poisoning develops after consuming expired food products, contaminated with bacteria and their products, and also polluted with chemical substances.


Food poisoning requires immediate measures of treatment, because this condition, if left unattended, may lead to serious complications.

Last generation drug Filtrum®, designed for treatment of food intoxications, absorbs not only mid-molecular (toxins and protein molecule), but also low-molecular substances (alcohols and products of their metabolism).

About the active substance. Main active substance of the drug is lignin. This enterosorbent is produced from wood by special treatment. Due to its natural origin lignin has very limited contraindications.

About the administration.. Filtrum® is manufactured in form of pills, which makes it especially convenient for use during travel. In cases of acute poisonings daily intake for adult is 2-3 pills 3-4 times a day for up to 5 days.

Caution! With symptoms of acute food poisoning it is necessary to consult the doctor immediately, because some conditions merely “imitate” poisoning symptoms. Such conditions include, for instance, myocardial infarction.