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Filtrum / How does it work


Filtrum® - enterosorbent of natural origin is based on lignin, produced by wood processing.

Due to the presence of micro-, meso- and macro-pores in its structure, lignin has a broad spectrum of sorption activity. Consequently, it has a distinct ability to bind and remove from the body pathogenic bacteria and bacterial toxins, drugs, poisons, heavy metal salts, alcohol, allergens, as well as excess of certain metabolic products, including bilirubin, cholesterol, urea, and other metabolites that can lead to development of endogenous toxicosis.


Filtrum® has efficacy in treatment of food poisoning and diarrhoea of various causes:





Intestinal infection, caused by bacteria


May lead to complications. It can be used only as supportive treatment, under the supervision of a doctor.


Rotavirus infection




Food poisoning




As study results have demonstrated*, unlike activated charcoal, lignin does not cause inflammation of the mucous layer of stomach and intestines, it is not abrasive, and therefore it has better physiological properties and may be used in long courses.

* Research on effect of different sorbents on the conditions of the mucous layer of the gastro-intestinal tract. B.Z.Chikunova, I.E.Trubitsyna, P.B.Novikov// Medical practitioner. 2008; 7: 86-7

Activated charcoal


the mucous layer of the stomach Figure 1. Inflammation of the mucous layer of the stomach, zoom x250.


the mucous layer of the thin intestine Figure 2. Inflammation of the mucous layer of the thin intestine, zoom x120


After 10-days administration of activated charcoal, there are inflammatory changes observed in the mucous layer of the stomach and the intestine.



Stomach Norm Figure 3. Norm, zoom x120


SMALL INTESTINE NORM Figure 4. Norm, zoom x120


After 10-days administration of activated charcoal, there are no inflammatory changes observed in the mucous layer of the stomach and the intestine, the condition of which is within the norm.


Differences of Filtrum from activated carbon

Treating food poisoning and intoxications of various origins is provided with enterosorbents, including the drug Filtrum. Its characteristics are very different from those of activated carbon

Features Activated carbon Filtrum
The pore size determining sorption (cleansing) ability Large Smaller, so sorption activity is much higher than that of activated carbon
Active surface 1.5 m2 / g 16-20 sq m / g
Required dosage Dose calculation is required depending on body weight, especially for children. The required dose of the drug is easy to determine based on the patient's age only.
Effective quantity of the drug It is necessary to take a large number of tablets simultaneously. Number of tablets applied in one go is less
Abrasive damage to mucous membrane of the digestive system Present Absent
Developing micro-signs of inflamed intestine after administration Present Absent
Need to grind before taking Present Unnecessary
Packaging Paper packs that can get wet Waterproof foil blisters packed in a compact box
Differences in side effects If long applied, it can irritate the intestine walls and cause a loose stool Does not cause diarrhea
Likelihood of adsorption along with toxins of nutrients, for example, vitamins coming from food Relatively high Relatively low
Efficient against purulent-inflammatory diseases accompanied by endogenous intoxication Absent Present
Efficient against hepatic and renal insufficiency Absent Present
Efficient against ethanol poisoning Low High
The possibility of intaking for preventing intoxication in harmful production employees Absent Present


Thus, Filtrum is a more effective and safer drug from the group of enterosorbents compared to activated carbon. The possibility of its use in intoxication and poisoning wider, and the number of side effects is less. In addition, Filtrum is more convenient to store and take.