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Filtrum / FAQ


Ofcourse. Filtrum® is allowed for children since birth. Nevertheless for diagnosis and therapy assignment you have to seek pediatrician advice.

Dosage depends on age, body weight and disease severety.

It’s better to ingest Filtrum® in milled form, you should take this medicine with water 3-4 times per day 1 hour before meal.

According to the patient information leaflet average single dose is:
2-3 tablets for adults and grown-ups (elder 12)
1-2 tablets for children 7-12 years
1 tablet for children 4-7 years
0.5-1 tablets for for children 1-3 years
0.5 tablet for children under 1 year of age

Yes. Filtrum® is not contraindicated for pregnant women.

Prices for the drug Filtrum®, ask for reference of your city.

The reference service — FARMED.KZ

According to the Filtrum® the patient information leaflet acute alcoholic intoxication is one of the indications for use.

Filtrum® binds and removes pathogenic bacteria, bacterial toxins, medicines, poisons, salts of heavy metals, alcohol, allergens and excess of metabolic products.
Thereby Filtrum® may help to pull through alcoholic intoxication consequences, i.e. hangover.

There are many reasons for face skin rash. First of all you have to find out the cause of skin rash, because rashes indicate some different diseases. So that you have to seek for dermatologists or allergologist advice, who will perform complete medical examination, make a diagnosis and assign a therapy. Often the reason of face skin rash is an allergy.

According to the Filtrum® the patient information leaflet food and medicine allergies are one of the indications for use.

Filtrum® binds and removes pathogenic bacteria, bacterial toxins, medicines, poisons, salts of heavy metals, alcohol, allergens and excess of metabolic products.
Thereby Filtrum® may help to negate the face rash, if it has appeared after food or medicine allergy.

Rotavirus infection belongs to the group of so-called intestinal infections. Its causative agent (small telescopic wheel-shaped rotavirus) primarily kills villi mucous membrane cells in the small intestine. As a result, a sick person gets diarrhea and vomiting with flatulence, obvious dehydration and intoxication.

When suffering from rotavirus infection, the person has these problems that are based on disturbing splitting and absorbing carbohydrates.This results in high intestinal osmotic pressure with water entering the lumen of the digestive tract. This kind of fluid redistribution and increasing dehydration on the background of diarrhea causes blood jelly, disrupting kidneys` performance.

As a result, water stores in the lumen of the intestine with extra carbohydrates, toxins, uncleared products of nitrogen metabolism. And the key treating target is removal of all these substances and rotavirus particles from the digestive tract. For this purpose, drugs called enterosorbents are prescribed, for example, Filtrum®.

Filtrum® is a natural product with a high sorption (attracting) capacity and a favorable safety profile. Therefore, this medicine can be applied when treating rotavirus infection in children. The scheme of intake is agreed with the doctor, and the dosage is determined taking into account the patient`s age and weight, as well as severity of intestinal disorders.

According to the instructions, the child should take FILTRUM® 3-4 times a day, if having rotavirus infection, period of treating with enterosorbent is up to 5 days. One-year old babies can take ½ tablets in one go.

The dose can be increased for 1-3-year old baby to 1 tablet, the same dose should be taken by under-7-year olds, and over-7-year olds can take 1-2 tablets of Filtrum®. For adults, the mode of taking Filtrum® is 2-3 tablets in one go 3-4 times a day.

Preventing and reducing of hangover symptoms is one of the key reasons for applying Filtrum®. The drug belongs to the group of enterosorbents and acts in the intestine lumen adsorbing (attracting to its porous surface) remains of alcohol and toxic metabolites, products of its partial oxidation.

The most harmful of them is acetaldehyde, for it activates scads of pathological reactions in tissues, causing a hangover syndrome.

Meanwhile, metabolic processes and acid-base balance are highly disrupted, mineral substances are imbalanced, blood clotts, edema occur, various organs perform bad and severe physical discomfort can be noticeable. Upon alcohol dissolution, under-oxidized products stored in the body starts soon after drinking, for the volume drunk often exceeds possibilities of alcoldehydrogenase, a special enzyme for dissolving alcohol. The liver starts an accelerated and simplified oxidation cycle leading to a progressive increase in toxic metabolites (metabolic products) in the blood, tissues and lumen of the intestine.

If the person starts taking enterosorbent (Filtrum®) before drinking alcohol, he/she will significantly lessen speed of toxins stored. The drug will timely bind these substances and part of the alcohol entering digestive tract, meanwhile reducing pressure on the liver. This will be a hangover prophylaxis.

To prevent developing hangover syndrome, it is recommended to take 2-3 tablets of Filtrum® one hour before the expected start of alcohol intake. During this time, the medicine will pass through stomach and will wait for toxins to adsorb already in the lumen of the upper small bowel.

Repeat taking Filtrum® in the same dose, preferably every 2-3 hours, pre-chop or chew the tablets to accelerate absorption. In the next 2 days, Filtrum® is taken 3-4 times a day to remove alcoholic libation effects.

Filtrum® is not an anti-allergic and acts only in the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract. Nevertheless, it is widely applied in the complex therapy of various allergic reactions in children and adults, that is provided by several mechanisms:

  • Fixation (attracting to the adsorbent surface) of food allergens, so they are less absorbed in the bowel and freely excreted from the body.
  • Binding toxic products of incomplete enzymatic fission products. They are toxic, make extra pressure on the immune system and increase the probability of its abnormal response to incoming substances. The sorbents taken help to lessen metabolic burden on the organs responsible for body detoxification.
  • Adsorption of biologically active substances releasing from immune cells as a result of inflammatory and allergic reactions. They include prostaglandins, histamine, serotonin, bradykinins, leukotriens and some other compounds. They not only circulate in blood and get into tissues, but also secrete into the bowel lumen. Removing them from the body with the help of enterosorbents (Filtrum®) helps to reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Attracting and removing from the digestive tract of a variety of microorganisms causing inflammation, producing toxins and disturbing bowel beneficial bacteria performance. Dysbiosis (dysbacteriosis) stimulated by them is one of the key allergy factors.

Taking Filtrum results in facilitating and eliminating toxic-allergic states. Moreover, this medicine can be applied not only against food allergies, but also for lessening other pathological immuno-mediated reactions.

Filtrum sorption effect is not strictly selective. A variety of substances and adhesion-prone microorganisms can precipitate on its complex-structured porous surface. When having the drug with meal or soon after meals, it will adsorb not only the toxins accumulated in the intestine, but also vitamins, microelements and split nutrients. Such a mode of applying Filtrum® is inadvisable as developing hypovitaminosis and micronutrient deficiency.

According to the instructions, the medicine should be taken 1 hour before meals. In this case, Filtrum® absorbs a significant part of the toxins from the gastrointestinal tract before the meal enters the bowel and does not affect the ingested nutrients.

If you follow the instructions and doctor's recommendations, taking Filtrum® very rarely leads to developing side effects. This is due to several important points:

  • Absence of any biotransformation of Filtrum active substance (lignin) in the human body. When taking it inside, the medicine is not degraded, so no potentially toxic metabolites are developed. The structure of Filtrum® when passing through the gastrointestinal tract and grinding the tablet does not change. Therefore, the drug has no potentially toxic effect.
  • Filtrum® does not go through bowel wall even if its mucous membrane is damaged. The drug is not absorbed into the blood and lymph and unable to have a systemic (general) effect. Filtrum® acts only within lumen of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Unlike other preparations based on activated charcoal, Filtrum does not irritate digestive tract walls. It does not exacerbate the already existing inflammatory reactions or provoke developing new pathological formations.

Filtrum® is a medicine proven to be innocuous that allows it to be applied even for treating newborns, somatically weakened and elderly patients.

Potentially possible side effects of Filtrum® include:

  • developing constipation, which is most often noticeable during long applying or taking unreasonably high doses;
  • developing intestinal atony featuring weakening of its natural wave-like acting with the internal content stagnated. The likelihood of such an adverse event is rather low and often associated with inaccuracies in taking the medicine.
  • individual intolerance with the appearance of various uncomfortable conditions after applying the drug.

Filtrum® tablets have no capsule, and the active substance does not require activation, so the medicine starts "working" shortly after swallowing. At the same time, the rate of appearing effect does not depend on the environment acidity, so that adsorption can occur already in the stomach lumen. But most of toxins and microorganisms are attracted to the porous surface of the drug in the small intestine.

On average, Filtrum® starts performing 20-30 minutes after taking the pill. Before taking, the tablet needs to be grinded in order to speed up treating effect, as it significantly increases the absorption area.

It is not possible to attract all the toxins in the lumen of the intestine in one go. So, one should not expect a lightning effect from taking 1-2 pills, its effect develops gradually. Filtrum® should be taken every 6-8 hours for several days to improve the well-being and reduce existing symptoms fast, and in some cases, a more intensive treating mode is applied.

Filtrum® is a modern medicine included in the group of enterosorbents with a high proven safety profile. Its active substance is a highly structured lignin, a stable non-hydrolysable porous compound consisting of a complex of several biopolymers of a related molecular structure. It is resulted from hydrolysis of some wood species.

Enzymes of the human gastrointestinal tract are not capable of splitting large and stable structures of hydrolytic lignin, so it does not transform and is not absorbed through the intestinal wall. But during going through intestine, it binds on its surface inclined to adherence (adhesion) harmful microorganisms, heavy metals, toxins of various origin, metabolic products, allergens and even radioactive isotopes. Together with this "load" it comes out unchanged together with stool, thereby purifying the digestive system.

The high ability of lignin to adsorb is the basis of acting Filtrum®

According to the instructions, use-by date of Filtrum® is 2 years. At the end of this time, taking the drug is prohibited. This is explained by several points:

  • Hydrolytic lignin (active ingredient of Filtrum®) refers to stable complex biopolymers. But it gradually starts destructing, i.e. losing its power and safety. But within the manufacturer's guaranteed use-by-date, Filtrum® saves completely all its properties.
  • The released and properly stored preparation is not biologically dangerous. When taking inside, it can not cause infection by any pathogen that has settled on its surface. But after the expiry date, its binding (adsorbing) ability can decrease, which slightly increases possible ineffective binding and releasing precipitated bacteria.

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