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Filtrum / FAQ / Others - Does Filtrum have side effects?

Does Filtrum have side effects?

If you follow the instructions and doctor's recommendations, taking Filtrum® very rarely leads to developing side effects. This is due to several important points:

  • Absence of any biotransformation of Filtrum active substance (lignin) in the human body. When taking it inside, the medicine is not degraded, so no potentially toxic metabolites are developed. The structure of Filtrum® when passing through the gastrointestinal tract and grinding the tablet does not change. Therefore, the drug has no potentially toxic effect.
  • Filtrum® does not go through bowel wall even if its mucous membrane is damaged. The drug is not absorbed into the blood and lymph and unable to have a systemic (general) effect. Filtrum® acts only within lumen of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Unlike other preparations based on activated charcoal, Filtrum does not irritate digestive tract walls. It does not exacerbate the already existing inflammatory reactions or provoke developing new pathological formations.

Filtrum® is a medicine proven to be innocuous that allows it to be applied even for treating newborns, somatically weakened and elderly patients.

Potentially possible side effects of Filtrum® include:

  • developing constipation, which is most often noticeable during long applying or taking unreasonably high doses;
  • developing intestinal atony featuring weakening of its natural wave-like acting with the internal content stagnated. The likelihood of such an adverse event is rather low and often associated with inaccuracies in taking the medicine.
  • individual intolerance with the appearance of various uncomfortable conditions after applying the drug.

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