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Filtrum / FAQ / Others - What is the active substance of Filtrum®?

What is the active substance of Filtrum®?

Filtrum® is a modern medicine included in the group of enterosorbents with a high proven safety profile. Its active substance is a highly structured lignin, a stable non-hydrolysable porous compound consisting of a complex of several biopolymers of a related molecular structure. It is resulted from hydrolysis of some wood species.

Enzymes of the human gastrointestinal tract are not capable of splitting large and stable structures of hydrolytic lignin, so it does not transform and is not absorbed through the intestinal wall. But during going through intestine, it binds on its surface inclined to adherence (adhesion) harmful microorganisms, heavy metals, toxins of various origin, metabolic products, allergens and even radioactive isotopes. Together with this "load" it comes out unchanged together with stool, thereby purifying the digestive system.

The high ability of lignin to adsorb is the basis of acting Filtrum®

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