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Filtrum / FAQ / Hangover - How to take Filtrum® to prevent a hangover?

How to take Filtrum® to prevent a hangover?

Preventing and reducing of hangover symptoms is one of the key reasons for applying Filtrum®. The drug belongs to the group of enterosorbents and acts in the intestine lumen adsorbing (attracting to its porous surface) remains of alcohol and toxic metabolites, products of its partial oxidation.

The most harmful of them is acetaldehyde, for it activates scads of pathological reactions in tissues, causing a hangover syndrome.

Meanwhile, metabolic processes and acid-base balance are highly disrupted, mineral substances are imbalanced, blood clotts, edema occur, various organs perform bad and severe physical discomfort can be noticeable. Upon alcohol dissolution, under-oxidized products stored in the body starts soon after drinking, for the volume drunk often exceeds possibilities of alcoldehydrogenase, a special enzyme for dissolving alcohol. The liver starts an accelerated and simplified oxidation cycle leading to a progressive increase in toxic metabolites (metabolic products) in the blood, tissues and lumen of the intestine.

If the person starts taking enterosorbent (Filtrum®) before drinking alcohol, he/she will significantly lessen speed of toxins stored. The drug will timely bind these substances and part of the alcohol entering digestive tract, meanwhile reducing pressure on the liver. This will be a hangover prophylaxis.

To prevent developing hangover syndrome, it is recommended to take 2-3 tablets of Filtrum® one hour before the expected start of alcohol intake. During this time, the medicine will pass through stomach and will wait for toxins to adsorb already in the lumen of the upper small bowel.

Repeat taking Filtrum® in the same dose, preferably every 2-3 hours, pre-chop or chew the tablets to accelerate absorption. In the next 2 days, Filtrum® is taken 3-4 times a day to remove alcoholic libation effects.

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