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Filtrum / Reviews / Allergy - Olga, Tambov

Olga, Tambov


Filtrum is an excellent medicine. The list of evidences for application is wide enough. I applied even with children. While being in the kindergarten, my daughter contracted a viral infection accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Naturally, all our family fell ill too. We bought Filtrum and took according to the instructions. It did not start helping immediately, but two days later. It was not absorbed, but cleansed the body from harmful substances, there were no side effects.

In the box there are 50 tablets and they are enough for long-term application. (there are 50 tablets in the packaging aimed for the CIS countries too). It removes allergy symptoms in several minutes. Again, the daughter started getting covered with spots and itching. And Filtrum helped, our pediatrician praises it saying it has much better effect than activated carbon does.

The tablets are big only, so they are to be chewed. I do not buy them for the first time, they are absolutely necessary item in my medical kit.